Racing fans are a diverse and desirable audience, highly attractive to marketers.  Specific demographics vary by series. However, on the average, racing fans are early adopters of technology, they consume more TV, print and radio media and are more brand loyal than the average consumer.  

At the most basic level, sports sponsorship refers to the support (financial, product, or exchange of service) to a specific league, sport or athlete from an organization or person.  In return, the organization receives visual and verbal recognition. 

Like athletes, no two sponsorships are alike.  EM Inc. works with our corporate partners to ensure that a thorough understanding of the motorsports industry is achieved.  Together, EM Inc. and our corporate partners determine the value of the sponsorship and create a promotional program and activation strategy that achieves a high level of return on investment for the organization.  Most importantly, the strategy will strengthen the organization’s overall brand and improve brand awareness in the marketplace.

Sponsorship Activation 

EM Inc. will create individual, unique programs for our clients and corporate partners to create branding opportunities and to deliver a solid return on investment. 

Examples of sponsorship activation includes (but are not limited to):

  • Logo on Racing Car 
  • Logo on race suit, helmet and other clothing worn at the track and during media events. 
  • Recognition in press releases, website, Twitter and Facebook. 
  • Race day hospitality 
  • Special event planning 


EM Inc. understands the Business-to-Business (B2B) market is substantial.  Some might even suggest it is larger than the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplace.  As such, B2B marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing.

With all that we do, EM Inc. believes trusting relationships form the foundation to strong and effective business partnerships.  EM Inc. works closely with our corporate partners to develop and implement successful B2B programs.  Our B2B programs are unique because not only do they provide mutually beneficial partnerships between two corporations, they also provide exposure to the consumer marketplace, providing additional brand awareness and higher levels of return on investment.