Public Relations and Social Media

Over time, the definition of a brand has evolved.  Traditionally, a brand is a name, term, design symbol or any other feature that identifies a good or service.  These unique features ensure differentiation between competitors goods or services.  

In today’s world a brand is not simply unique features, but a set of expectations, memories, stories and/or relationships that when lumped together account for a consumer’s purchasing decision.  This definition puts more emphasis on the brand’s value.  A brand’s value is the total of the extra money people will pay or how often they will choose that particular set of expectations, stories and relationships of one brand over another.  

That said, every driver within the motorsports industry has a brand.  Every driver has a story.  Every driver has relationships with teams, sponsors, partners, fans and with other drivers.  The question is, how effectively are these brands leveraged? 

A number of factors influence your brand strategy including (at the very minimum) how, what, when, where and to whom you communicate.  To effectively develop and enhance the strength and integrity of your brand, EM Inc. will create a comprehensive and integrated multi-media strategy.  Using press releases, social media outlets (websites where users actively participate such as Facebook, Twitter etc.) and other communication channels, EM Inc. will work very hard to ensure that consistent and accurate messages are delivered to targeted audiences.  The ultimate goal is to differentiate you from the competition and lead to improved brand equity and image. 

Public Relations and communications service include (but are not limited to): 

•  Logo Development 

•  Pre and Post-Event Press Releases 

•  Facebook Driver Pages 

•  Twitter Driver Account

•  Driver Blogs 

•  Media Relations

Website Design, Development and Hosting

Technology is a critical component of all marketing and communications strategies in particular the use of websites and social media outlets.  EM Inc. will work with our clients to determine goals, objectives and content to be used for a client website.  EM Inc. works with an external partner to create a professional web layout and structure that clearly articulates our client’s assets.  Websites are well thought out, well laid out, visually stimulating and user friendly.  Primary goals include strengthening your overall brand identity and creating repeat fan visits to not only your website, but also to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.   

EM Inc. web solutions incorporate logo creation, website design, content creation, content management, domain registration and hosting.  The integrated platform will allow seamless updates to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts creating a cohesive brand across all mediums.  Our solution gives our clients peace of mind and allows them to focus on the most important task at hand - racing.