Driver Development

Exclusive Management Inc. has industry-leading professional driving coaches who have been behind the wheel at upper levels of racing. Our driver coaches work one-on-one to develop your skills so you can be at the top of your game. Our coaches share their expertise and experience with our drivers and equip them with solid fundamental skills.

As with our driver management programs, driver development success is founded on the relationships fostered between EM Inc. coaches and drivers. No two athletes are identical.  That said, our coaches take the time to get to know our drivers and build long-lasting, trusting and respectful relationships. Our coaches work with our athletes to gain an understanding of their career aspirations and their strengths and weaknesses. Coaches and athletes work together to set goals and objectives that are not only measurable, but also attainable. These goals and objectives form the foundation of our customized developmental plans, which provide our drivers with the skills they need to perform their best each and every time they are in the drivers’ seat. By focusing on race craft, physical and mental training we provide you with the tools to be one of the most sought after, well-rounded drivers on the paddock.

Our coaches lead by example, demonstrating skills and knowledge through the use of multiple coaching techniques, both on and off the track. With an EM Inc. coach, drivers will receive real-time feedback and encouragement using radio systems. Additionally, our coaches will analyze video and track data (when available) and review areas of success and areas in need of improvement with the driver.

EM Inc. designs coaching programs for drivers of all skill levels from karting to the beginner club racer to open-wheel and sports car racers. EM Inc. coaches inspire, motivate and empower our athletes to achieve the highest level of success in their racing careers.