Exclusive Management Inc. (EM Inc.) is a full-scale management and marketing firm specializing in the motorsports industry.   EM Inc. was founded by its president and CEO, Michael Duncalfe, in 2007 after competing at the upper levels of open-wheel racing.  The concept for EM Inc. was formulated during Michael’s experiences as a driver.  It was during this time that he realized the need for coaching, career consulting, marketing and management for developing drivers.  EM Inc. is built upon a passion for racing, a passion for success and a passion for people.  


With over 25 years of combined experience in motorsports, management and marketing, EM Inc. focuses our daily activities on working directly with our clients, and corporate partners to develop clear and concise marketing and personal development programs that are tailored to the needs of each individual driver.  Each program includes specific goals, objectives and action plans.  We equip our drivers with the skills and the tools that they need to fulfill their goals.  

EM Inc. not only understands the business side of the motorsports industry, but also what it takes physically and mentally to be a top-ranked driver and athlete.    Michael has raced (and/or) tested almost every car in the field, ranging from Indy Lights to Grand-Am. 

Our Purpose:

Our primary purpose is managing and guiding the careers of up-and-coming racecar drivers and helping them make the transition to the next phase of their racing career.      

Our Values:

Passion - EM Inc. is proud, enthusiastic and dedicated to seeing our drivers succeed.  We are devoted to providing the highest quality of service.  We are passionate about success, passionate about winning, passionate about the motorsports industry and passionate about people.

Customer Service Excellence - At EM Inc. we believe our clients, partners and suppliers come first.  We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with everyone we work with. We go to great lengths to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients, partners and suppliers.  We believe that our customers are our biggest advocates.  As such, we serve our clients with the utmost respect, competency and efficiency. 

Respect for People - At EM Inc. we treat our team members, clients, partners and suppliers with mutual respect, dignity, equality and trust.  We value diversity and value the contributions of all individuals.  We value the relationships we foster with our clients, partners, suppliers and their families and spouses.  We believe that building trusting, respectful relationships is the foundation of building sustainable careers in the motorsports industry.  

Integrity - At EM Inc., we believe that our word is the most vital product or service we can offer.  Our word is bonding.  Our success is predicated on the fact that we act with honesty (not compromising the truth) and with the highest ethical and moral standards in all that we do. 

Accountability - At EM Inc. we recognize and meet our commitments and take responsibility for all of our decisions and actions.

Excellence - EM Inc. strives to be the best in everything we do. 

Motivation - We recognize and celebrate the achievements of all team members.  

Teamwork - At EM Inc. we are supportive of the efforts put forth by all team members. We are loyal to one another and care for each other personally and professionally.  

Open Communication - At EM Inc. we believe that to be successful in this industry we must communicate openly, honestly and frequently with our clients, partners and suppliers.